Careers Overview

Careers Overview

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TAL Manufacturing Solutions Limited is an equal opportunity employer. We have a very young and dynamic workforce with the right mix of fresh and experienced people. Our team consists of specialists which provide unique solutions to our customers thereby building long term business associations. At TAL, we encourage our employees to strive for optimum potential and unleash their creative energies. We focus on providing rewarding career and right opportunities to our employees.


Diverse Backgrounds

We focus on absorbing unique talent from diverse work environment. Our accommodating perspective provides a fresh approach and helps our employees for better assimilation in the society. Our open culture policy encourages diversity and equal opportunities to all our employees and to all eligible applicants for employment in our company. We do not unfairly discriminate on any ground, including race, caste, religion colour, ancestry, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality, ethnic origin, disability or any other category protected by applicable law.


TATA has always been values-driven. The five core values that underpin the way we conduct our business activities are: Unity, Integrity, Responsibility, Understanding and Excellence. Employees are treated with dignity. Please click on TATA Code of Conduct for more information



TATA Affirmative Action Programme

The Tata group has a legacy of engagement with the disadvantaged sections of society dating back to its founding fathers. The TATA Affirmative Action Programme (TAAP), adopted in April 2007, attempts to address the prevailing social inequities in India by encouraging positive discrimination for the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (SC/ST) communities, without sacrificing merit or quality.
We at TAL are also committed for the deployment of Affirmative Action Programme for the preferential treatment in the areas of Education, Employability, Employment and Entrepreneurship for the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (SC/ST) communities.



Experienced Professionals

We always seek competent and confident people who can make a difference at our organization. TAL offers a wealth of challenges, best promotion prospects and personal development opportunities for technical specialists and managerial staff.



Engineering and Management Graduate Trainees

We provide a perfect opportunity for beginners who have recently completed their education from premier institutes. We give opportunity to fresh graduates and post graduates across all disciplines who would like to demonstrate their ability in their preferred area of study and establish a sound foundation for their professional development.



We provide vast array of career and development opportunities to students who are graduates or post graduates. We offer internships to students who want to gain practical knowledge while still studying in college. Students gain expertise across technical and commercial disciplines by working with our professional teams. Our internships enable the students to venture into latest technologies and work on real problems which give them an edge to get acquainted with the work culture.
Read through our current job openings and post your updated resume. You could soon be part of our team. If you are passionate about high end engineering and want to practice it then reach us at