Please be assured that TAL Manufacturing Solutions Ltd.  (TAL) is a merit-based employer. It has neither authorized nor appointed any agent / agency / company to conduct any employment interviews on its behalf or make any offers of employments / benefits on its behalf. You are advised not to respond to any such fraudulent representations and make appropriate enquires from the authorized sources.


TAL will not accept any liability for the content of any such fraudulent or unauthorized email, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided in these fraudulent mails. Any offers / benefits / content / instructions presented in such misleading emails impersonating TAL do not represent those of the company, TAL Manufacturing Solutions Ltd. Reserves full right to initiate civil and criminal proceeding against those involved in perpetuating such fraud.


Please Note : – TAL Manufacturing Solutions Ltd. does not charge any security amount from Experienced Professional / Campus recruits during / before the hiring process. Any such communication is contrary to company policy.