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With the growing shortage of skilled manpower, ever-increasing wages, IR issues with existing labour unions and changes in regulatory framework, there is a strong case for adopting automation in the industry. With its vast experience in providing manufacturing solutions and competencies in mechatronics, TAL has developed articulated industrial Robots in the range of 2-5-10 kg payload and now offers cost effective automation solutions. With its modular and optimum design, higher flexibility and significantly lower cost of ownership, the BRABO is revolutionizing automation in the MSME in India.

With its highly experienced and committed team, TAL is well placed to provide complete solutions and “BRABO” almost all your manual industrial activities. Integrators and channel partners across the country have partnered with TAL to provide with the necessary support. We have also tied-up with banks to finance your cost of automation thereby, making it a profitable proposition from the day Robot is installed.

Brabo robotBRABO is an Indigenous 10 Kg payload robot which is easy to use, easy to program and easy to maintain. It has a flip back Capabilities and 360 degree rotation. With its 5 axes, it has higher repeatability at a speed of 2000mm/ second. It is operates on a single phase 230 V of power supply and can attain maximum payload of 10 Kg at full reach 750 mm to 850 mm. Its interface is fairly ingenious with mounting of tools, grippers, sensors etc and it is highly flexible to install along with ease in redeployment.

The controller consists of PC based programming with Pro + Motion software which is compatible to more applications with the same software and requires less time for debugging and fine tuning.

With a view to our everlasting customer centricity approach  cost of ownership is substantially lower due to its low maintenance cost, quick & cost effective spares availability and the sublime service assurance by us.

Advantage AutomationTALBRABO

Happier,Healthier workforce– dull,dangerous and dirty jobs can be automated.

Rapid business growth– Automation allows you to scale up quickly.

Skilled workforce,anytime anywhere– Ready availability of the right skilled workforce remote locations.

Versatile skills-Skills can be re purposed for different jobs,allowing flexibility in deployment.

At par with world’s best– Quality,technology and specifications today’s international standards.

En-billing Indian enterprises to compete globally- Promising consistent world-class quality, no human errors, and unmatched speed.